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Summary: A local cleaning services company was struggling to increase bookings and reduce cost per lead. After hiring One Stop Advertisement, the company saw a 40% increase in bookings and a significant reduction in cost per lead, thanks to a targeted Google Ads campaign.

The Problem​

The cleaning services company was struggling with their online marketing strategy. They had a website, but it was not optimized for search engines, which meant that they were not appearing in search results when potential customers searched for cleaning services in their area. They also did not have an online booking system, which was a major inconvenience for customers. Furthermore, they were not using targeted advertising, so their ads were not reaching the right audience. They also did not have any customer reviews or testimonials on their website or social media accounts.

The Client

Our client is a local cleaning services company that offers a range of services, from residential cleaning to commercial cleaning. They have a team of professional cleaners who are trained to provide high-quality services.


One Stop Advertisement stepped in to overhaul their online marketing strategy.

We started by optimizing their website for search engines, using relevant keywords and creating high-quality content. We also implemented an online booking system, making it easy for customers to book their services.

We then created a targeted advertising campaign, using Google Ads to reach potential customers in their local area. We also encouraged the company to seek out customer reviews and testimonials, and displayed these on their website and social media accounts.
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As a result of these changes, the cleaning services company saw a 40% increase in bookings and a reduction in cost per lead. The Google Ads campaign targeted local homeowners in need of professional cleaning, giving them an edge over their competitors.



This case study demonstrates the power of a strong online marketing strategy. By optimizing their website for search engines, implementing an online booking system, using targeted advertising, and displaying customer reviews and testimonials, the cleaning services company was able to significantly increase their bookings and reduce their cost per lead

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